Saturday, April 11, 2009


look at this beautiful thing i have made for you
look at my beautiful feelings which i pour so willingly
all over your wounds
and all over your short-comings
look at what i have given
of myself for our joy so that we may be what i have always hoped
and have had, found but not

look at this foolish girl
who may have been there in the moment
when you saw yourself so
reflected in another
that you might scream and yell for the pain of loving one who is not yourself so very hated

look not at this woman because she is larger
than a house
and could never be beheld with only two eyes
but look rather at the door of this house and it's elabourite
latch and know
that you can look only through the keyhole
at what once was and may have been
because it is mine

look at my beautiful heart

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